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things to consider before getting backyard chickens

I'm certainly not a chicken expert, but since getting out first group of hens in 2016, I have definitely learned a lot! Even now I am still learning about how to keep my chickens healthy and happy, what works for us and what doesn't, and in several weeks we will be introducing new hens into… Continue reading things to consider before getting backyard chickens

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sewing tutorial for cloth wipes

In the video linked below you will find a tutorial for sewing reusable cloth wipes. We use these for blowing our noses and I keep a few in my purse as napkins or for face blotting (hello oily skin), however, if you want to use them as toilet paper, I won't judge! All you need… Continue reading sewing tutorial for cloth wipes

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easy dishcloth knitting pattern

Hello friends, today I'm sharing a quick and easy knitting pattern for cute and practical dishcloths. I use them in the kitchen for dishes, but but they work just as well as body or face washcloths. You can knit them in different sizes to make a whole set either for yourself, or to give as… Continue reading easy dishcloth knitting pattern

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what to make with sourdough discard (sourdough series, part 2)

Apologies for such a long space between my first sourdough series post and this one! The time really got away from me. Previously we talked about making a sourdough starter from scratch, and why it is important to discard half of the starter before each feeding. While you could simply throw this discard in the… Continue reading what to make with sourdough discard (sourdough series, part 2)