summer update

Summer is always my busiest season!Taking care of my gardens is time consuming, and so is harvesting and preserving. In the spring I decided to convert some flower gardens into veggie space, and it has been working well. I am planning to remove most (if not all) the flowers from my patio planters to have… Continue reading summer update


outfits (97)

Here are some recent outfits. I have been wearing my hair up like this because it has been so hot over the last few weeks. Truthfully I do not like this style because it feels sloppy and ends up uncomfortable after 8 hours, but David said it looked nice. And it does work well for… Continue reading outfits (97)

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What does Titus 2 mean for me?

In the Bible the second chapter of the book of Titus is given the title "Duties of the Older and the Younger" and is a set of instructions for believers. Note that I use the NASB translation so your Bible might title this chapter differently. In this chapter we read how older and younger men… Continue reading What does Titus 2 mean for me?